3 Bizarre Bitcoin Trading Stories

3 Bizarre Bitcoin Trading Stories

In the last two decades, nothing has created quite the buzz around the globe as Bitcoin has. The interest in this incredible cryptocurrency seems to do nothing but grow, and with more and more people starting to see the benefits Bitcoin has to offer, Bitcoin trading has hit an all-time high. While this isn’t surprising in the least, what may come as a shock to you is the number of regular people turning to Bitcoin investing as a way to make their dreams come true.

A lot of these people are finding creative ways to get rich overnight with the help of Bitcoin, while others turn to the tried and true method of using helpful apps and websites to keep track of how things are going. One of the best things to come out of the rush towards investing in Bitcoin is the ridiculous stories surrounding it. From unbelievable gains to catastrophic losses, these next three Bitcoin trading stories are sure to put you in the Bitcoin trading spirit.

The 15-Year Old Who Struck Gold

We often hear stories of people who manage to achieve incredible feats at a ridiculously young age. While most of these usually happen in the field of science and education, the achievement of a 15-year-old boy named Eric Finman comes from the wonderful world of Bitcoin trading. Eric received 1.000$ from his grandma as a gift, and instead of spending them on video games and snacks like most 15-year-olds, he decided to use the sum to buy some Bitcoins.

After letting his investment ruminate for a bit, Eric sold his stack of Bitcoins a year and a half later for a staggering 100.000$! While the mount he managed to snag is more than impressive all on its own, it’s even more shocking to find out that if he held onto them for a little bit longer he could have gotten a lot more than that. This is why visiting Bitcoin Billionaire website  and using their great tools to help manage your investments is crucial in making the most out of your trading experience. 

The 500.000-Pound Bender

Let’s be honest, most of us legal adults have been in a situation where we’ve made some horrible decisions while intoxicated. Whether that be some tragic online shopping mishaps or a drunken call after midnight, it’s almost a rite of passage. This story however puts with an incredibly positive twist on the whole making decisions while drunk fiasco. 

Back in 2009, a now incredibly lucky man ended up spending 20 British pounds while under the influence. Understandably, he had forgotten all about his purchase up until 2015 when something sparked his memory of the event. It seems that not all drunk decisions are bad, as the 20-pound investment the man had made six years earlier was now worth 500.000 pounds! If all of our drunk decisions were half as good as this one, the world would be a much different place than it is now!

Losing More Than a Game Collection

The two previous stories on the list might have been all about incredible gains made with Bitcoin trading, but unlike them, this one takes a different turn. If you’ve ever had to move into a new place, then you know how much of a struggle packing everything up can be. There are a lot of decisions to be made, like what’s essential to keep, and what’s ready to make its way to the garbage bin. This story focuses on a faithful decision like that one made by Campbell Simpson. 

Simpson was moving house when he realized he’d made a huge mistake. Amongst the unnecessary things he threw out, he had accidentally added a portable hard-drive containing 1400 Bitcoins!  The hard-drive he mostly used for storing entertainment like game collections and movies was now gone and nowhere to be found. The worst part about all of this is the worth of those Bitcoins! Today, the amount of Bitcoin on that hard-drive would be worth about 24.5 million US dollars!

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