BattlEye purges 42,000 cheaters & hackers from PUBG in a single day!

BattlEye purges 42,000 cheaters & hackers from PUBG in a single day!

BattlEye purges 42,000 cheaters & hackers from PUBG in a single day!

BattlEye, a group engaged in weeding out hackers and cheaters from online battle games, has announced that it recently purged as many as 42,000 accounts belonging to hackers from popular game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG).

BattlEye has been helping online game developers get rid of thousands of cheaters and making them accessible only to genuine gamers.

The BattlEye software has been active since 2004 and has been used by a number of leading online battle game developers to cleanse their systems of cheaters and hackers. The software integrates easily into new games, runs in the background, and is not visible to players despite running constantly.

Using a new proactive system, BattlEye can now identify cheating accounts and purge them before any damage is done. The new system, the developers of BattlEye say, has helped a number of battle games in getting rid of hackers.

In a post on Twitter earlier today, BattlEye announced that it has purged as many as 42,000 accounts belonging to cheaters and hackers from popular game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) in the last 24 hours. Earlier this month, the group had announced that it had banned as many as 322,000 cheaters from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, with a majority of cheaters coming from China. The numbers are, however, not surprising as around 42 percent of the game’s active player base are Chinese.

The group is presently banning cheating accounts at a rate of 6,000 to 13,000 per day from online battle games on an average.

To ensure game servers are protected at all times from malicious actors, BattlEye conducts fast dynamic and permanent scanning of the player’s system in user- and kernel-mode using innovative, sophisticated specific and heuristic/generic detection and cheat analysis routines.

At the same time, the software communicates via highly encrypted packets through the game’s own network connection, thereby not exposing itself to additional ports or firewalls. Without obtaining any personal information about gamers, the software also uses a secure auto-update system which implements patches without impacting gaming experience.

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