Popular cybercrime forum WeLeakData taken down by rival hackers

Popular cybercrime forum WeLeakData taken down by rival hackers

Popular cybercrime forum WeLeakData taken down by rival hackers

WeLeakData, a popular cyber crime website frequented by hackers, cybercriminals and crackers, was recently hacked into and personal information of its members is now being sold on a Dark Web forum.

In January, WeLeakData went offline for unknown reasons and many suspected that it was seized by the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI). However, researchers at Cyble were informed by an anonymous member of the hacker group that a massive cyber attack took down the website, resulting in its eventual closure in April.

The security firm has now identified that the entire database of WeLeakData has been put up for sale on the dark web. The database contains information like usernames, passwords, email addresses, private Messages, and IP addresses of its members, mostly hackers, cybercriminals, and crackers.

The leaked information is of great help to law enforcement agencies of several countries who can now use the leaked IP and email addresses to track down cyber criminals and correlate them to other attacks. Also, this data can help them to understand how a particular style of attack has been executed over the web.

According to researchers at Cyble, after WeLeakData was reportedly sold to a new member of the forum, another site called leaksmarket.com emerged which was strikingly similar to the original site and featured the same content, leading the researchers to conclude that WeLeakData had indeed been hacked and other hackers were selling data stolen from the site on the Dark Web.

Takedown of WeLeakData reportedly disrupted many criminal operations

“There are unconfirmed reports in the dark web market that WeLeakData.com owner has been arrested as part of the Europol’s recent crackdowns. Cyble researchers have verified the alias of WeLeakData owner is unresponsive and unreachable, however, the arrest claim is unverified at the time of writing this. Several cybercrime operators have mentioned that their operations have been disrupted due to the crackdown,” the researchers added.

Commenting on the takedown of WeLeakData, Javvad Malik, Security Awareness Advocate at KnowBe4, told TEISS that “there is no honour among cyber thieves. All credentials and private data such as chat data has some value, and the private conversations of WeLeakData are no exception. It should be a reminder for all organisations of all sizes and nature, that they should invest in cybersecurity, because even data which they feel may be of little value, always has value to criminals.”

Trevor Morgan, Product Manager at comforte AG also told TEISS that “the biting irony of the situation aside, the serious takeaway is that no data is safe. Not even the data generated, collected, and stored by the people engaged in intrusion and data theft, by those who know intimately how defence tactics can be overcome for their own purposes (and potential gain).

“The presumption that your security measures are enough and foolproof leads to complacency and potentially damaging exposure. It’s a cautionary tale for any organisation engaged in legal corporate activities to rethink everything about how you’re protecting sensitive, mission-critical data. If exposure of leaked data can happen to knowledgeable threat actors, then it can certainly happen to you,” he added.

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