Fast times call for change; so we have, too

Fast times call for change; so we have, too

In recent years, remote working has become a regular treat for millions of employees, and a means to redress work / life balance. Over the last few weeks, this switch to remote work has accelerated at breakneck pace and across vast swathes of the workforce. The different, however, is that the impetus has been a worldwide societal crisis, not cultural change.

Our users and customers are doing things differently, often under duress and with all kinds of resource challenges, and we can’t do a good job if we don’t adapt to conform to their changes, too. One result of this is that a plan we’ve been working on for a while, has just been accelerated into production.

Last week we introduced Countercept Rapid, an essential version of our award winning 24/7 Managed Detection and Response service. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Quick deployment – up and running within a week
  • Billed after the third month, pay (and renew) monthly after that
  • That’s it

Our existing MDR service is usually provided via contracts of a year or more; it’s comprehensive and exhaustive, tailored to your organisational needs and it works exceptionally well. But not every organization wants to make a long term financial commitment, nor do they need every single capability we provide over the short term.

Nowadays, there’s plenty of new pressures, and quite a few will continue after the lockdowns lift:

  • Staff shortages, both across the organisation and within security operations
  • Maintaining cash liquidity – and pressure to avoid long term financial commitment
  • A rushed move to home working for many that’s rewritten security needs overnight, with little time toadapt
  • A need for full, remote, incident response and forensics capabilities.

We know how to work in these circumstances; Countercept MDR grew from our Incident Response practice, and it’s still something we use in IR work, as, if needed, we can get it rolled out to help a client in distress within hours.

Over the last few years we’ve seen the practice of business change dramatically; we’re seeing another seismic shift now. We must – and have – moved with the times. Countercept MDR isn’t going anywhere, but if you need to quickly build a relationship with us with something more flexible, a simpler service with the same quality and expertise you’d expect from us, then Countercept Rapid it is. Given more time, you can also move to a more tailored, long term contract if you want to commit to a longer term relationship – and if you need access to extra capabilities.

There’s a short summary here for further information:

Drop us a line if you would like to have a conversation about how Countercept Rapid can help you – fast.

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