Institute of Cyber Digital Investigation Professionals launched

Institute of Cyber Digital Investigation Professionals launched

CIISec & College of Policing are announcing the independent launch of the Institute of Cyber Digital Investigation Professionals (ICDIP)

LONDON, UK – 6 May 2021: The ICDIP, the first professional organisation of its kind in the world, will benchmark skills and accredit individuals to give confidence in cyber digital investigations. It will measure the competency of practitioners, allow them to prove their expert status, and speed up the professionalisation of cyber digital investigation, and give confidence that any evidence from digital investigations presented in judicial proceedings has come from an authoritative source. Ultimately this will help increase trust in digital evidence, give greater weight in court cases, and ensure fair convictions.

The world first organisation was started in September 2015 when the Home Office discussed with Law Enforcement organisations and the College of Policing (CoP) concerns that individuals working on cyber digital investigations were not recognised as a specialist profession. As a result, there were instances where the veracity of evidence presented at court had been challenged.

Following this, the CoP led work on a five-year project focusing on the professionalisation of the cyber digital investigations sector. Out of this, the ICDIP was formed, with assistance from the Chartered Institute of Information Security (CIISec) who provided expertise in the development of accrediting professionals. As planned the funding from the Home Office, through the National Cyber Security Programme, has established and made a success of the ICDIP which will now become a self-funded organisation that will be managed by CIISec under contract to the CoP.

The ambition is now that the ICDIP accreditation will become accepted as providing evidence of the same standing as an expert witness. This will result in increased success at court in cases where digital evidence has contributed to the investigation.

There are currently 700 accredited members across over 70 law enforcement agencies.

Sarra Fotheringham, Policing Standards Manager for Digital & Cyber, College of Policing, said “The growing importance of cyber digital investigation skills in policing meant there needed to be both a standards framework and accreditation to measure them. Using the framework to validate competency assures that we have highly competent and capable individuals conducting specialist cyber and digital investigations.”

Amanda Finch, CEO, The Chartered Institute of Information Security also commented, “Measuring skills and competency through accreditation is vital in all factors of cyber, and investigation is no different. The growth of cyber-crime, and the increased connection of cyber and digital activities with other crimes, means that a method to benchmark and prove individuals’ skills and reliability as a witness is crucial.”

The Institute of Cyber Digital Investigations Professionals (ICDIP) provides an industry-standard that recognises the specialist cyber digital investigations knowledge, skills, and professional status. It has been designed following extensive consultation with stakeholders, law enforcement agencies and institutions to develop a skills and standards framework that covers the cyber digital investigation profession’s specialisms.

Individuals are assessed against the Skills and Standards Framework (SSF) for practitioners and strategists involved in the investigation of cyber dependent and cyber-enabled crime across five job families including; Investigator, Intelligence, Interviewer, Forensic and Analyst, each having Skill Categories of Practitioner and Strategist as well as Membership Levels of Affiliate, Associate and Full Member.

College of Policing (CoP) was established in 2012 as the professional body for those who work for the police service in England and Wales. The purpose of the CoP is to provide those working in policing with the standards, skills and knowledge necessary to prevent crime, protect the public, and secure public trust.

The Chartered Institute of Information Security (CIISec) is the only pure-play cyber and information security institution to have been granted Royal Charter status and is dedicated to raising the standard of professionalism.

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