Mobile device forensics just got better

Mobile device forensics just got better

UK consumers living in cyber denial when dealing with cyber security issues

MSAB, suppliers of mobile device forensics products to law enforcement agencies, have inked a partnership with digital investigation software-maker Nuix to offer investigators a platform that can help accelerate digital investigations.

Software offered by both firms will help investigators streamline their workflow and also examine digital evidence quickly.

At present, UK police investigators use MSAB’s products to decrypt and extract information from mobile phones. Even though they are able to crack a number of cases by using these digital products, investigators are facing huge case backlogs and are struggling to complete their investigations quickly.

Met Police to make tackling cyber crime priority

In such a scenario, both firms believe their synchronised offering would help law enforcement investigators to streamline their workflow and investigate digital evidence efficiently.

“Mobile devices are a prime source of digital evidence—our law enforcement customers tell us they examine up to five times as many mobile devices as traditional PCs in a typical investigation. This integration with MSAB will help customers accelerate the digital investigation process, especially at scale, giving them a better way to search and analyze all the evidence from mobile devices, computers, and many other data sources,” said Paul Slater, Nuix’s Global Head of Investigations.

Thanks to the new platform, investigators will not only be able to extract and decode forensic artifacts from mobile devices using MSAB tools but will also be able to transfer files and associated metadata to the Nuix platform for quick processing.

Kent Police raises special unit to tackle cyber-crimes

Back in April, Met Police Commissioner Cressida Dick confirmed that the force would soon undergo new training programmes to tackle cyber-crimes. ‘I would like to see data and the digital world more of an advantage to us than it is to the criminal, and I’m not sure that’s entirely true at present,’ she said while talking to reporters at Lewisham police station.

Kent Police officials have also raised a specialised team of cyber-warriors not only to take on cyber-criminals but also to arrest hackers and seize their equipment. The special team of officers have been imparted special training on cyber warfare and will use the opportunity to gather intelligence on threats, offer helpful tips to the public to stay safe and nab cyber-criminals to prevent future offences.

It will be interesting to see how long it will take for police forces to adopt the unified software being offered by MSAB and Nuix and if the software will indeed help them tackle case backlogs or turn more efficient in the coming days.

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