‘Not just a logo change’- Intel Security is McAfee, again

‘Not just a logo change’- Intel Security is McAfee, again

'Not just a logo change'- Intel is McAfee, again

Intel Security is now McAfee again.

McAfee, the pure-play cyber security company has shed its Intel Security garbs to declare itself a standalone entity from today.

By going solo, McAfee becomes one of the world’s largest security companies and has vowed to fight for more than just the security of your contents on your phone and laptop. They are going after IoT security threats too.

In an exclusive interview to TEISS, Raj Samani, Chief scientist, McAfee said: ‘This isn’t just a logo change or a simple rebrand. We are now an independent company and are committed to addressing security and privacy issues.

‘Data is being weaponised, we see hospital networks being hacked into and threats are coming in from all directions.’

Samani further touched upon the clear and present threat to people and communities relating to cybercrime. ‘More crimes are being committed using USB sticks than guns. There is a new type of malware every 5 seconds and the volume of threat is unprecedented.’

Samani thinks that IoT and mobile are the next ‘at risk’ areas that need looking into. ‘The mobile phones in your pockets aren’t just phones. They are your digital passports. They control your life. From the car to your smart home security to your credit cards… If someone gains control of it, they gain control of your life.

‘As far as IoT devices are concerned, from pregnancy test kits to lightbulbs and voice-controlled speakers, they all connect to your home network and it doesn’t take long to get into them.

‘We are seeing demand from customers for security solutions. This includes IoT too, especially with a focus on secure home gateways and the reality is that the number is growing.

On the subject of integrating security solutions, he was equally upbeat. ‘You can buy email addresses on the dark web for pennies now- ransomware has evolved enough to be put on cars. So we are doing partnerships with tech companies that will help us create solutions better suited to our customers. People need to understand that it isn’t about malware but everything that it can penetrate.

For the scale McAfee has dealt with, it is not difficult to see why he is so enthused. The stats are staggering. Their products protect 74.9 million endpoints daily, including 87% of the world’s largest banks and Fortune 100 firms and more than 263 million consumer endpoints.

Announcing the rebranding and stepping away from the Intel Security umbrella, Christopher Young, CEO of McAfee said: ‘Cybersecurity is the greatest challenge of the connected age, weighing heavily on the minds of parents, executives and world leaders alike.

‘As a standalone company with a clear purpose, McAfee gains the agility to unite people, technology and organisations against our common adversaries and ensure our technology-driven future is safe.”

McAfee has an impressive track record in cybersecurity with more than 1,200 security technology patents and employing over 7,500 cybersecurity professionals.



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