Pippa Middleton hacker faces jail for iCloud blackmail & fraud

Pippa Middleton hacker faces jail for iCloud blackmail & fraud

Pippa Middleton hacker faces jail for iCloud blackmail & fraud

A fraudster who hacked into Pippa Middleton’s iCloud account and stole 3,000 pictures of her and her relatives is now facing sentencing for his offenses.

Nathan Wyatt was arrested for stealing Pippa Middleton’s pictures as well as credit card details of several citizens.

Last year, the police arrested and questioned Nathan Wyatt of Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, while investigating the hacking of Pippa Middleton’s iCloud account that resulted in the loss of 3,000 personal pictures and pictures of her relatives.

Even though Wyatt was released, the police later found incriminating evidence at his residence that included the stolen pictures of Pippa Middleton. Also found were a false passport as well as stolen credit card details of several citizens which were used by Wyatt to buy Xbox consoles, computer accessories, gifts, and home appliances.

As has been proved during court proceedings, Wyatt tried to blackmail Pippa Middleton by threatening to sell all the stolen pictures of her and her relatives for £50,000.

After being produced in the court, Wyatt also admitted that he had hacked into a law firm’s computer to access confidential information which he then used to blackmail the firm to pay him 10,000 euros.

‘As a result of media contact with the police in relation to the images of Ms Middleton, the defendant was arrested in relation to that matter. At the time, on 24 September, devices were seized from his address as they were found in the property at the time,’ said Prosecutor Alison Morgan.

Wyatt admitted to a string of charges of online fraud and blackmail, which prompted the judge to describe his actions as a ‘particular kind of cyber-blackmail’. The judge added that Wyatt was ‘capable of committing quite sophisticated offences with the use of a computer’ and that he must anticipate a substantial custodial sentence given the nature of his crimes. Wyatt will be sentenced on 19th October.

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