A start-up veteran and experienced executive with a proven track record of building new high-scale businesses and strong product teams while delivering profitable growth.

-Software. Teams. Companies.-
From start-ups to great teams to software products, I have enjoyed building lots of things…and often from virtually nothing to start with. True ‘barn-raising’ experiences should be had by every software professional in their career to understand how it all comes together and grows. 

-Product Management and Product Marketing DNA-
I’ve heard a couple of mantras on the concept but to me product management boils down to “supplying customer demands profitably”. For two decades I’ve enjoyed solving tough problems faced by my customers and rallying teams to get it all done, on time and with super high quality is the rush. 

-Technology Evangelism and Speaking-
I’ve been fortunate to have traveled the globe speaking about technology. If I am intellectually curious about a problem, it simply has to be digested, vetted and expressed…and most often this occurs in front of audiences with equally curious technologists.

-Executive and Team Management-
I don’t make it a mission to climb ladders. Never have. I just talk to people the way I would like to be talked to and it seems to end up sending people off in the right directions to execute and get it done. Leadership is empowering those you manage and then you get out of their way. This always ends up helping to steer the company up and to the right.

-Making my ‘product users’ into ‘product champions‘-
The joy of my life. Communing in person with your market and user base to listen and see first hand what they need, how they use your product and what they think could improve their efficiency using it, is the only path to truly building a great solution.