I am a sector-agnostic CISO with an extensive, proven history of successfully delivering business-critical security projects at a national level. A forward-thinking, award-winning leader in technical and non-technical information security.

I have designed and led information security programmes for public and private sector organisations in the US, Canada, and the UK who were in the midst of extensive business and digital transformation. I have worked with tech startups, governments, and some of the oldest organisations in the world around improving and assuring cybersecurity, cyber risk, cyber resiliency, and data protection to promote business acceleration and innovation.

Cybersecurity is a result of people and technology working together towards an objective. You do not gain security by focusing on people or technology in isolation but rather by supporting the complex relationships that connect people, processes, technology, and data. That makes cybersecurity a Business issue, not an IT issue.

“PrivSec200” Top 100 security leaders in Europe. 2019 inaugural recognition by Data Protection World Forum
“CISO of the Year” 2018 by Cyber Security Awards
“Vertical Industry Difference Maker” 2017 by the SANS Institute, team award
“World Leading Exceptional Talent in the field of Cybersecurity” 2015 by TechNation and the UK Government