Originally broadcast on: Thursday 20th May 2021, 10:00 (BST)

Cyber career paths – a way out of our skills shortage?

In this episode of teissTalk we discussed:

  • How will a clear roadmap for cyber security entrants and current colleagues solve our skills crisis?
  • Diversity of people and of thought – how can InfoSec Leaders build the change in their organisations?
  • The top of the path – how do we develop and build the soft-skilled CISO of 2021 and beyond?

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Geoff White

Investigative journalist Geoff White has covered technology for BBC News, Channel 4 News, Audible, Forbes online and many others.

An experienced public speaker, he has given keynote talks at some of the UK’s largest tech events, in addition to hosting conferences and chairing panels at venues ranging from London’s Chatham House think-tank to the Latitude music festival.


Danny Dresner

Professor of Cyber Security
University of Manchester

I find the threads that bind information together and mend them when they break. I’m Academic Cyber Security Lead at University of Manchester, director/co-founder of IASME-the SME benchmark of cyber security governance-that helped to pioneer the Cyber Essentials. An evangelist for useful standards and good practice, I nurse organisations through ISO/IEC 27001. I received a PhD for work in information systems risk. A Fellow of the Institute of Information Security Professionals. I was at The National Computing Centre for 22 years, architect of DTI’s Towards Software Excellence programme, created the core of SANS’ training for BS 7799, edited national security breaches surveys (from 1994), and wrote the first standards for source code escrow. My contribution to NCSC risk management guidance is noted, I’m an active member of IAAC’s North West cohort (creating a Northern Academic Liaison Panel). I’m active in Yorkshire’s Cyber Security Cluster, revived The Ratio Club, and a director of a neurodiverse community SOC. I’m part of GMCA’s Cyber Foundry realising aspirations for a resilient, cyber secure, digital community and economy.

My work spans public, private, and third sectors. It varies from identifying vulnerabilities (and how to fix them) of a small firm responsible for 7 million personal records, to writing a definitive guide to cyber resilience for local government (for SOCITM). I’ve contributed to books, conferences, and appear on the BBC to explain risks and opportunities of information systems to the wider community. I was voted the UK’s second top influencer in cyber security in 2017, and eighth and eleventh internationally in 2018 and 2019 respectively.

When not securing information, I work for the security of my children and my parents’ honour. Personal interests range from Jewish tradition to science fiction. My knowledge of Doctor Who lore is tiring; I was graphic artist for the Blake’s 7 Appreciation Society which just goes to show…

Jay Jay Davey

Cyber Security | Ethical Hacker & Blue Team expert
Nox Cyber

SOC Tier II at CyberClan

Founder of NoxCyber career & study guidance

I am a firm believer that security should be a proactive business activity and ensure that business risk is mitigated early to reduce the impact that cyber threats may have on the business.

I live by the words “Don’t address the symptoms, Identify and Address the root cause”

Amanda Finch

Chartered Institute of Information Security

Amanda Finch is the CEO of the Chartered Institute of Information Security (CIISec) and has specialised in Information Security management since 1991. She has always been an active contributor to the industry and for many years she has been dedicated to gaining recognition for the discipline to be recognised as a profession.

Over her career she has been engaged in all aspects of Information Security Management and takes a pragmatic approach to the application of security controls to meet business objectives. Through her work she has developed an extensive understanding of the commercial sector and its particular security needs. In her current role she works with Industry, Government and Academia, assisting all sectors in raising levels of competency and education.

Amanda has a Masters degree in Information Security, Full Membership CIISec and is a Fellow of the BCS. In 2007 she was awarded European Chief Information Security Officer of the year by Secure Computing magazine and frequently listed as one of the most influential women within the industry.

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