Originally broadcast on: Tuesday 23rd March 2021, 16:00 (GMT)

Are you working in a perpetual state of breach?

In this episode of teissTalk we discussed:

  • What are the success factors that help InfoSec Leaders assess cyber risks and organisational weaknesses?
  • How can InfoSec leaders build a security culture that is informed and responsive?
  • Making cyber security awareness an organisation-wide management competency

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Jenny Radcliffe

Jenny Radcliffe, also known as “The People Hacker,” is a world renowned Social Engineer, hired to bypass security systems through a no-tech mixture of psychology, con-artistry, cunning and guile. 

Jenny is a sought after keynote speaker, panelist and moderator at major conferences and corporate events, both in-person and online,  is a  TEDX contributor and is host of her own multiple award winning podcast series.


Dr Dave Chatterjee

Associate Professor
The University of Georgia

Dr Chatterjee is Associate Professor in the Department of Management Information Systems at the Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia and a Visiting Professor at Duke’s Pratt School of Engineering. Dr. Chatterjee’s interest and expertise lie in the various facets of information technology management, with current focus on cybersecurity and enterprise digitization. His work has been published in prestigious outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, MIT Sloan Management Review, California Management Review, Business Horizons, MIS Quarterly, and the Journal of Management Information Systems. His book Cybersecurity Readiness: A Holistic and High-Performance Approach has just been published by SAGE Publishing.

Dr. Chatterjee has taught at the graduate and undergraduate levels, including classes on: information systems leadership, information technology and strategy, business process management, and enterprise digitization trends and implications. He serves as Senior Editor on the Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce.

Dr. Chatterjee delivers talks around the world; moderates CXO panel discussions; conducts corporate training, workshops and webinars; and provides consulting and advisory services. He has appeared on radio and TV interviews and is often quoted by news media on major technology-related developments. He has served on the corporate and community leadership board of a prestigious cybersecurity network of Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and also on a CISO SWAT team. For more details please visit https://dchatte.com.

Garry Scobie

Deputy Chief Information Security Officer
The University of Edinburgh

Garry is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional and ITIL Expert. He regularly presents on computer security, including sessions on: Ransomware, Mobile Security and Cyber in the Movies. Prior to this he was responsible for Microsoft Windows server infrastructure and Active Directory. He has a particular interest in vulnerability assessment, penetration testing and promoting security awareness.

Enis Sahin

Head of Information Security
Federated Hermes – International

Enis is a security professional with over 10 years experience in Cyber Security, across industry and advisory services. He has extensive experience in security architectures and transformation, maturity assessments, cloud security and data privacy within financial services

Boris Cipot

Senior Security Engineer

Boris is a Product Developer, Manager and Sales Engineer with a proven ability to manage products, teams of developers, cooperation with organisations inside and outside the company, sales channels, and marketers to coordinate complex business development, marketing, and sales projects from inception through launch

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